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October 28, 2006

Ms. Nero’s “Where I’m From” Poem

October 28, 2006

“Where I’m From: My Favorite Place Lies In My Heart”

The Future Cannot Change the Past.
Hopefully the Past Can Help Shape a Better Future.

By Ms. Nero

I’m from the land of reservation
With ties to our native forefathers.
Houses separated by stone dividers and
ancient burial grounds surround my home.

Creeks with brisk water running, and
Tired railroad tracks run along them.
Once treeless land now finding new roots by
Putting the industrial past behind it.

Sleepy state now booming baby
Bringing money to the mouths of yuppies.
Fairfield County near New York City,
Once filled with farmers, now nouveau riche.

With his hands my father built it:
A home for his family in this sleepy county.
With morals and values our family upheld,
And made me the person I am today.

Where I’m from is now so different.
I recognize the land, but the people have changed.
Only twenty-nine years between then and now,
But how time manages to cast a veil

Upon quiet minds of innocent children
Sleeping in on Sunday mornings
What value left subdued by a new society,
As it disguises virtues that seem outdated.

Maybe where I’m from was like a fairytale.
Older parents with their money saved
Waiting restlessly for a son or daughter
To protect from becoming morally depraved.

Where I’m from had rolling hills:
Green and silver-lined with hope
of what’s beyond, and “I love you’s”
Driving us where our hearts belong.

Where I’m from had freedom to think,
Say, and do with regard for others
Living by the golden rule because
Deep inside we are sisters and brothers.

And the memories of that time bygone
Still live in my mind and keep me strong
So that I can at least continue a tradition
Of loving my neighbor as I love myself.

*Copyright c. 11/2004